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General Terms and Conditions of Company Rybolov Smola s.r.o
Dear Customers, before ordering our services, please carefully read the following terms and conditions and supplement information, which form an integral part of the contract. This contract is solely between you as the customer and the Travel Agency Rybolov Smola s.r.o. with company ID (IČO): 04548591 (hereinafter referred as TA).

1. Conditions are governed by the complaints procedure and annexes to the trade license, which is setting out the conditions for the operations of travel agencies.
2. The contract between the client and the TA is valid after a fully completed and signed customer order is accepted and booked by the TA and when the deposit is paid by the client, if this actually happens sooner.
3. Due to internet-only offer of the TA, the parties have agreed to accept placing orders and receiving approvals of contracts by electronic mail (e-mail). Such an order and the contract is considered as if it was made and approved personally. Both parties may agree otherwise.
4. The price is determined by agreement between the TA and the client. The deposit is payable within 10 days (unless otherwise agreed) from the confirmed receipt of the order. The customer is obliged to pay 30% of the total amount of ordered services. When the deposit is received by the TA, the ordered services are reserved for the client. The remaining value of services ordered must be paid 40 days before arrival. Failure to pay the remaining value on time will be considered as contract cancellation by the client and is subject to cancellation fees. Without a valid payment the client is not entitled to the provision of services of the TA.
5. Changes and deviations of individual ordered services from the agreed content are allowed in exceptional cases, when proven as necessary. In the event of changes TA informs clients immediately.
6. Clients are required in the event of non-compliance services, dissatisfaction, complaint or any identified defects to promptly notify the representatives of the TA, who are obliged to provide redress when eligible. The right to claim a complaint expires 10 days after the end of the stay.
7. On the day of arrival the apartment is available from 14:00 (check in) and at the day of departure the apartment should be vacated and handed over by 10:00 am (check out)
8. The administrator of the object is entitled to request on the day of arrival a cash deposit in the amount of 200 NOK per person. This cash deposit is refunded back immediately after the timely handover of a clean and undamaged apartment and boats.
9. Client has the right to withdraw the contract by a way of a personal announcement, e-mail or by registered letter or other demonstrable form. In this case following cancellation charges apply:
– 30% of the total price upon withdrawal within a period longer than 40 days before arrival
– 50% of the total price upon withdrawal within 40 to 15 days before arrival.
– 100% of the total price upon withdrawal in less than 15 days before arrival.
The date of withdrawal shall be the date of the demonstrable delivery of the contract cancellation to the address TA.
10. Each client takes upon himself all the risks that may arise in connection with the usage of the boats, or inappropriate behavior in the apartment or surrounding area. Each client who causes damage to the above, is obliged to pay for damages on the spot!
11. Client declares that all provided details about his person and other tour participants are correct, complete and truthful. In the event that this claim is proved to be untrue, the client runs the risk of obligations for damages caused to the TA, respectively criminal prosecution.
12. General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the order form. The TA considers all clients mentioned on the first page of the contract to be acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions.

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